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4 Tips For Choosing A Golf Club Bag

Choosing a golf cart bag isn’t like choosing other products. This is something that you are going to be using every time you hit the green and it is not only a way for you to transport your clubs, it is a place to keep them safe from damage. In short, you want the best bag for your particular set of clubs and your own personal style.

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But how do you know which golf club bag to get and which ones to avoid? Unless you have done the research on hundreds of different golf club bags there isn’t much of a chance of selecting the right one. Luckily, we have seven tips for choosing a golf club bag that will allow you to make the right decision every time.

What Is A Golf Club Bag

A golf club bag can serve many purposes. Some people just have a standard golf bag that they keep all of their clubs in, as well as their balls, tees and other supplies. A golf bag with individual club slots is the best way to keep your clubs organized and safe during transport to and from the course and while you are playing.

Golf Clubs in Beginner Golf Bag

But golf club bags can also refer to something like a golf club travel bag. A golf bag club organizer exists to serve as a permanent bag for you to use while playing and has certain requirements that must be met.

The best golf club travel bag is one that is not only a golf club bag organizer, but also protects your clubs and other equipment from the damage done by traveling – especially by airlines – which is where you need protection the most since they just toss baggage around without regard for fragility at many airlines.

Defining Product Features

There are quite a few features that you can get with a golf club bag depending upon the type. This is a list of some of the most common product features that you’ll need to know about before you get to the tips. You won’t find them on every golf bag out there but many of them are pretty much standard on any decent one.

  • Dividers - Your golf club bag will usually have dividers that keep your clubs separate from each other. Some of them will even have very tight dividers that keep your clubs from rattling around. You can have anywhere from two to fourteen or more, and some simple bags have no dividers at all.
Golf Bag Dividers
  • Pockets - Your bag will probably have lots of pockets that you can store things in. Some of them may be zippered and others are just openings. Your bag should have a lined pocket for valuables and a waterproof pocket for things like your scorecard and rangefinder.
  • Straps & Stands - Depending upon the type of bag that you get, you may have straps, handles or even stands that keep the bag upright when you let go of it to take your shot. Some bags will be designed to be compatible with push carts and others will be designed to be secured to a golf cart.

The 4 Tips

  • Before you can get into the deeper features of a golf cart bag you need to decide what type of golf bag you want. There are four basic types of bags: the cart bag, which is made to ride on a golf cart, the carry bag, which is made to be carried on your shoulder, the standing bag, which is made to stand up on its own and may be combined with a push cart and the travel bag, which is meant to protect your gear during flights and the like. There is also the tour bag, which is just a larger, more expensive bag that holds a lot more stuff and is intended for professional golfers.

Two Golf Bags on Push Carts
  • Your dividers are an important feature. Garry Steer of Golf Gear Australia says that your dividers should be one of the first things on your list of features and you should decide what you want before you start looking at bags. The number of dividers is something that you can’t really change later since dividers are molded to the bag. There are a few options for separating clubs but the best option is to get enough slots to begin with.
  • The weight of the bag is also an important consideration. This is especially true if you plan to carry your bag on your back or shoulder, but even if you are going to use it on a cart, you are still going to have to lift it on and off at times. Remember, you aren’t just going to have the weight of your bag to worry about. Clubs – when they are all packed into the same bag – can weigh quite a bit themselves. Make sure that your bag is fairly light, using a maximum of about 6 pounds as your rule-of-thumb.
  • The fourth thing that you need to look at is the number of pockets that your bag has – especially the number of pockets with special properties. Golf blogger Gina Scanlon says that there are nearly a dozen essential items you need in your golf bag that aren’t even related to golf, plus there are another dozen golf items; you are going to need a lot of pockets including a lined pocket for valuables and an insulated one to keep your drinks cool.

My Recommendations

Golf Tips Magazine says that aesthetics is an important part of your golf equipment – and while it may not be as important as the features listed above, I would agree with that. You want a golf bag that you enjoy carrying with you and that fits your personality.

Caddie Carryin Golf Bag

I recommend that you decide upon your number of dividers and how many pockets (and which pockets) you need and then make aesthetics part of your buying decision as well. You will then be able to pick out the perfect golf bag that you will love.

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