Strata Golf Clubs by Callaway

Are you looking for a new set of clubs?  Are you new to golf and want to find complete set to get you started?  In this article we'll take a look at Callaway's Strata Golf Clubs as an option when trying to pick a complete set.  We will detail out all the options Callaway gives you in their Strata Golf Clubs.

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Men's Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set

The set is popular golf club with beginning golfersConsumer Affairs rates them as five out of five stars as a golfing brand. This is a men's set of Strata Golf Clubs and is a high-quality set of golf clubs.  These clubs are designed to help the golfer perform and are easy to hit.

  • This set includes: driver, 3 wood, 4 and 5 Hybrid, 6 to 9 Iron, PW and SW, Putter
  • 5H which are alternatives to long irons, which means that you can play better no matter what the shot
  • 2 headcovers
  • Driver head made of titanium that is very forgiving and will allow you to tee off with more distance and accuracy
  • 3-Wood club with an aerodynamic head shape
  • Blue Stand Bag with Back Strap


All sets have Left/Right hand options.

After the 12-piece set, you can go up to the 14-piece set.  This will add a sand wedge and an additional head cover.  This set has a red bag.

Then progressing to an even larger set, there is the 16-piece set that gives you an additional 4 Hybrid and 1 more head cover, bring you up to 4.  However, if you choose the 16-piece ultimate, the driver is full titanium versus only a titanium head on the other sets.

What Other Golfers Are Saying

Many new to golfing commented that these Strata Golf Clubs are very forgiving.  Customers especially loved this bag and the majority rated it extremely well. Many applaud the price and rave about the quality.  Their reviews say that they didn’t expect to get this much quality of a club and bag set for the price.

Women's Callaway Strata Complete Golf Club Set

Women should also have choices when it comes to golfing equipment.  According to writer and golf expert Brent Kelley, there are differences in the way that men and women golf that makes choosing a female-specific set of clubs a good idea. You can’t go wrong with this set of Strata Golf Clubs from Callaway, one of the top golfing brands in the world.

  • Set includes: Driver, 5 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 7 & 9 Iron, SW, Putter
  • Hybrid 5H for shots where you might normally use a long iron
  • Irons and wedges including 7, 9 and SW with sole-width technology built in to improve your control over the club
  • Stand Bag with five pockets, a cooler pocket, a rain hood and a backpack strap


All sets have Left/Right hand options.

You can move up from the 11-piece set to the 14-piece set.  This gives you the 7 and 8 iron, plus an additional head cover.  The bag color changes for this set to a light bright blue.

Then, you can step up from there to a 16-piece set.  Added to this set from the 14-piece set is the 4 Hybrid and the head cover.  The bag color for this set is purple.

The option you have on the 16-piece set is to do the Tour edition.  The tour edition are for the more advanced players, and clubs are more precise but do require more club speed.  Most beginners would not see any added benefit by upgrading to the tour.  The color of the tour bag is gold.

What Other Golfers Are Saying

The Strata Golf Clubs are a very popular set, with high rating and reviews. Golfers called them beautiful, balanced and the best golf club set they have ever owned. This set is appropriate for beginners and even advanced golfers can appreciate their quality with the tour edition.


When it comes to complete golf club sets these Strata Golf Clubs by Callaway are hard to beat.  These are sets that are both quality, full-featured and still fit into your budget and you are sure to find something perfect to fit your wallet and needs on this list with the many options.

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