RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag Review

RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag Review

If you love nothing better than spending some time on the green but hate feeling bogged down with a huge golfing bag, you might have been searching long and hard for a solution. Although it’s refreshing and liberating to get out and enjoy the pastime you love so much, just looking at the large bag you have to carry around can be enough to put you off.

For those who like to play nine holes, in particular, you might not feel the need for such a huge weight when you aren’t carrying a full set around, so you want something that’s lightweight enough to keep your clubs but still durable enough for the job.

Traditional golf bags have always been bulky, and the ones that are more lightweight just weren’t built as solidly.

Thankfully, there are some new products available that allow you to play a lighter game of golf without having to leave any of your favorite clubs behind.

The RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag can tick all of these boxes, with a small and convenient way to carry your golf clubs without a hassle.

This bag is ideal for all types of golfers and makes the perfect choice when you don’t want to play the full 18 holes or even take too many styles of club around.

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This is a must have accessory for all kinds of golfers, from the amateur to the professional, and it’s packed full of features to enhance your game even further.

About The Product

If you’ve ever shopped for golf accessories before, you’ll likely have already heard the name of RJ Sports. This company is well known for all types of golfing equipment, with their specialty being bags that make this leisurely sport more enjoyable for its fans. They create products that make golf more enjoyable for its players and add convenience and style to an already stylish game.


The Typhoon Mini Stand Bag has everything the golfer looks for in a caddy bag, and because it comes in a more compact size than most standard bags it’s far more convenient to carry. This 6” stand bag features everything the golf lover looks for, including:

  • Five way divided top for all of your clubs;
  • Comfortable dual harness strap;
  • ​Rain hoodie for all kinds of weather;
  • Four easy access pockets and tee holders;

For the golfer who plays nine holes exclusively or wants something smaller to take for practice, the RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag is the only choice. This bag has been designed with the serious golfer in mind thanks to its many compartments and access points, making it a treat to take on any golfing outing.

Pros And Cons

There isn’t too much to say about the RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag that’s negative, with the main selling point here being its size. Almost all golfers, no matter how much they love the game, enjoy a shorter game now and then and when you want to play just nine holes or have some practice this bag makes the perfect accessory.

Another great feature of this bag is the pockets and compartments which make it perfect for carrying along everything you need. Rather than trying to cart around extra bags or hold things in your pocket you can fit it all in the RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag. Best of all, the added stand means you don’t have to worry about propping it up each time you set it down.

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The only disadvantage that this golf bag has is the straps, as some users have found the backpack style to be more of a hindrance. You can replace it easily though or remove it all together, so there’s no need to be stuck with this if you don’t find it comfortable. However, this one small design flaw can be easily overlooked for everything else you receive.

How To Buy 

If you’re ready to get rid of your oversized golf bag and trade it for something more convenient, you’ll be pleased to know the RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag is available for a great price through Amazon. Right now, you can purchase the bag for just over $50 when you order on Amazon, which is an exceptional value when you consider its high quality.

In addition to this great deal, Amazon also offers free shipping on this golf bag and if you’re located it the right areas you might even get it in time to play with it on the weekend. There’s no exact warranty coverage for this, but it has a trustworthy sports equipment name behind it who specialize in golf bags especially, so you can be sure it will be by your side for many years.

For those who don’t want to use the backpack handle it comes with, you might be able to purchase an additional strap through Amazon as well, or even take it off your old golf bag and swap it over. Because this product is customizable you can make it work for your individual needs for a more enjoyable round of golf.

Final Thoughts

While it might seem strange that it’s taken this long for such a quality and compact sized golf bag to be released, the RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag has done it well. This bag ticks all of the boxes for the serious golfer and provides you with a compact and durable way to carry your precious clubs around.

RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag

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Our Rating

These bags are just the right size for some swinging practice or a nine-hole game, and far more convenient to carry around the green. If you’re ready to change the way you golf and make your favorite pastime even more enjoyable, click here to purchase the RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag today.

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