How To Properly Handle Your Golf Bag

How To Properly Handle Your Golf Bag

Apart from the right golf shoes and top notch clubs, your golf bag is perhaps the most important accessory you have. There is no doubt selecting a golf bag can be very difficult – especially if you have one that perfectly fits all your specifications.

The bags are used to carry golf clubs, accessories, your shoes, watch, cap and a variety of different things, which is why you should always be careful how you handle your bag. If you like to travel with your golfing accessories, remember that you will be taking your bag with on different golf courses. It will be subject to rain, humidity, dust and some elements.

Golf Bag with Complete Weather Gear

So, it is important to adequately take care of your golf bag while putting in the trunk or storing it in your house. You have to be certain you don’t damage it.

In light of this, mentioned below is a brief list of things you should do to ensure your bag is in top notch condition. The following tips will help prolong your bag’s durability, maybe lasting a lifetime.

Best Ways To Keep Your Golf Bag Safe From Damage

  • No matter what you do, never be hasty when it comes to handling the bag. Put it down nice and easy so that there is no damage to its frame. Throwing it all the time can quickly loosen the bag's frame, bending it entirely. Remember, there are pretty large clubs stored in it.
  • When you're driving the golf cart, fasten the bag tightly so that it doesn't fall off.
  • ​Never keep a wet towel, gloves, clothes or damp clubs in the bag for more than half an hour. All that moisture will quickly damage the material and produce a foul odor.
  • If you're going for a game of golf in hot weather, keep the bag in the foot space of the back seat. Always store it in a nice, cool place. Extreme temperatures can damage the material of the bag as well as anything in it. The same goes for storing it somewhere damp. The moisture can weaken the frame.​
  • Another pretty effective thing you can do is get a golf umbrella. Keeping your bag under the umbrella will keep it dry in case it rains and cool in case the weather is hot.
  • Fix a reminder to take a dry towel with you for the game. Use the towel to adequately clean your golf clubs, completely wiping the moisture off. Plus, you will also be able to wipe all that dust, mud and other small debris before putting them back in the bag, which will help keep the bag clean and odor-free. But remember to wash and dry the towel too.
  • Buy a quality rain cover. Although a majority of golf bags come with a rain cover, you can get one separately too. The clear-plastic cover will help keep the bag dry during a downpour.

Bottom Line

Caring for your bag prevents damage, therefore saves money in the long run so you spend more money on the clubs you've been eyeing.

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