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Ping Pioneer Golf Cart Bag

When you desire a quality golf bag with features you need it can be daunting. You can spend hours on shopping websites and checking out product reviews and still not get the perfect cart bag.  I had the same problem and I finally decided upon one from Ping, and I was really glad I did.  Ping has been around for more than 50 years and they have actually earned a solid reputation for quality when it comes to golf products.


  • This bag gives you 15 different slots for your clubs
  • 2 massive apparel pockets with zippers
  • Polypropylene top that resists impact
  • Molded lift handles
  • Anti-flex walls
  • Large beverage compartment that is insulated to stay cool
  • Lined valuables pocket that keeps water out
  • 6 regular size zippered pockets

My Results

I’ve had several other bags and none of them had as many slots as this one did. This bag had fifteen different slots for my clubs which meant that I could take as many as I wanted and always have the right club.

Ping Pioneer Golf Cart Bag (2016) Slots

Of course, I could carry multiple clubs in my four slot or six slot bags but it was a pain to pull them out when they got stuck together. This bag made it much easier for me to use my equipment.

There were a lot of other things that I loved and I had really good results with this club. There weren’t as many pockets as my last bag but they were bigger and they worked just fine.

Other People’s Results

Other people have had great success with this bag as well. Here is what Don D. had to say about it after rating it five stars on Amazon.

“My favorite golf bag ever. Very well built, thoughtful design. The magnetic pocket lid is fantastic. The golf dividers truly go the bottom which makes drawing clubs much easier than in most bags. I recommend this without hesitation.”

He brings up an important point. Many golf dividers are not full-length and the clubs get tangled at the bottom. These dividers go all the way to the very end and it makes clubs coming out and going back in a snap.

Buying Advice

The only buying advice that I would give you, which I learned from reading the reviews (since I got a different color) is to avoid the grey because it gets dirty really easily and always looks dingy.

Ping Pioneer Golf Cart Bag on White Background

Our Rating

My Recommendation

There is no hesitation at all for me to recommend this golf bag to you. I love mine and I am sure that you will love yours just as much. This is a really solid purchase and a great price.

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