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What is a Golf Club Holder?

The term may be new to you, and it is a relatively new tool for the golfer.  It is how it sounds, a holder of two or three individual clubs.  You simply take the holder along with a couple of clubs you might be choosing between, stick it in the ground, and let it hold a club or two you might be considering for your next shot.  It is a way to save some time, which will speed up play, aid in indecision, protect your clubs from laying in the grass getting your grips wet, and prevent a lot of bending over.  

This simple accessory carries a lot of advantages.  First, it simply clips or slides onto your bag.  Second, you can take a couple of clubs with you to your next shot and not have run back to the cart or leave your clubs in the grass, then worry about them being stepped on or lost.  Third, and maybe most importantly if you have back issues, no more bending to get those clubs off the ground.  This inturn speeds up play, protects your clubs, and saves your back!

Another great use for a golf club holder would be the range.  If you’re just going to spend half an hour hitting your woods this would be perfect.  Grab the holder and your clubs will be easily at your reach for that short range session.

We’ve looked at two golf club holders that are worth a try.

Step-Kick Caddy

The Step-Kick Caddy is a unique design.  It is a heavy gauge steel with a powder coated finish. You simply step on the foot kick to secure it to the ground.  This golf club holder has a padded looped club rest, and has an added carry loop that allows you to slide the holder on your golf bag.  The loop could dub as your cigar holder, if that’s your style.  This caddy comes in a variety of colors for your individual style, and can hold up to 3-4 clubs.

Golf Butler Caddy

The Golf Butler’s design is similar to that of a golf club.  It has a grip as a club would and the metal shaft is similar to a golf club as well.  It has two spikes and a small lip to step on to get it in the ground.  It has 4 specific places to set clubs, it holds a towel, and has a clip to attach it to the outside of your bag.  The clip does securely attach the caddy to the bag without it flailing all around.   One advantage is the Golf Butler comes as a pack of two.  Keep one for yourself, and one for your golfing spouse or best golfing buddy.  


You can’t lose with either purchase.  With only two on the market, design will sway you one way or the other based on your preference.  Both will do the job of keeping your clubs off the ground, your grips dry, and the round moving right along.  A golf club stand is a must have accessory for any golfer.  You will wish you had one a long time ago!

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