Next Time You Go On The Green, Ditch The Bag, Bring A Golf Push Cart

Next Time You Go On The Green, Ditch The Bag, Bring A Golf Push Cart

When you go to the green for a few rounds of golf, there are going to be some fees that you’ll have to pay for other than the basic tee fees. Of all of these fees, the largest fee you’ll have to pay for is renting equipment. While it may not seem like a lot of you aren’t an avid golfer, but if you are—the cost to rent is going to be pretty expensive over time.

Regardless of whether you rent or own, you are going to need something to carry all that gear around with you. You could hire a bag boy, but again, that’s another cost. You can get rid of that extra cost by investing in a good golf push cart.

What Is A Golf Push Cart

You may be wondering to yourself what is a golf push cart. Well, simply put, it is a cart that you can push (or pull) across the golf course. The cart will hold your bag of golfing equipment, and some models even feature a small motor to give you a little more power if your bag is that heavy. There are three types of carts available for golfers:

Man Playing Golf Next To Golf Push Cart

Golf Pull Cart

These are manual golf carts that have two wheels and you pull the device behind you as you make your way around the course. These devices are the smallest option, and they tend to be the most simple in terms of design. These carts are best suited for golfers who are new to the sport and they don’t have a whole lot to pull around with them.

The benefits of using these carts is that they are very affordable and they are pretty lightweight. Because these are relatively basic in design, they are going to be easy to put together and start using.

The drawbacks of this type of cart is that they don’t always have enough space to handle all of your gear, and when you’re pulling the cart, it may not be that comfortable to do so.

Golf Push Cart

These push carts are much more popular because you are pushing it instead of pulling it, this saving a bit of energy. These carts feature a three wheel design, making it more stable. That stability also translates into a larger design, which means there is going to be more room for more gear.

Two Different Golf Push Carts

The benefits of these is that they can be quite a bit easier to control because of the third wheel, or fourth, as there are many newer four wheel golf push cart designs.

The drawbacks of this is that they are going to be larger than a pull cart, so if your vehicle is short on space, then this could be a problem when going to and from the golf course.

Electric Golf Push Cart

An electric golf push cart is by far one of the best purchases you could make if you’re a frequent golfer. With a motorized golf push cart is going to make your life so much easier because you needn’t push or pull it.

After you power the cart, all you have to do is control where it goes. There are numerous designs for this type of cart, so it’s important that you consider things like battery size and other features and accessories.

The benefits of this kind of cart is that you’re going to have plenty of energy to go the whole course, since you don’t have to expend energy on lugging your gear around. Many of these units will have a display console that will show you things like the time and the distance. These carts are designed to maneuver over all sorts of terrain.

Walking Behind Electric Golf Push Cart

The drawbacks of these carts are that they are very expensive so this is something you will want to buy after you know that you’re going to be golfing for a while. Also, the battery life on these carts aren’t always the best, as many of them do not last more than a round. Fortunately, you can find some electric golf push cart with seat attachments.

Using The Right Golf Bag With Your Golf Push Cart

When you’re looking at bags to use for golfing, you can choose either a cart bag or a stand bag. If you intend on using a push cart, it would be in your best interest to use a bag that is designed to be used with a cart.

These cart bags have a strap that will let you carry it over your shoulder, but they aren’t going to be able to stand up on their own. When you’re using a cart bag, you’ll find that you’ll have more room inside with separate compartments so that you can keep things organized.

Wrap Up

As you become more involved in the world of golf, you’re going to accumulate a decent amount of gear—be it gloves, clubs, balls, tees, and other essential items. While it is common sense that you’re going to need a golf bag to carry all of this equipment with you, the real trick is deciding how to carry that bag.

Male Golfer With Golf Push Cart

You could use a carry bag, or hire a bag boy to carry the bag for you, but those options are draining—either on your own energy or on your wallet. You can get around this by choosing to invest in a golf push cart. This cart will allow you to go all over the green without carrying your gear, and without giving the course any more of your hard earned money!

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