Golf Bag Storage

How do you store your golf bag or bags?

For some of you, your golf bag never leaves the trunk of the car.  However, we sometimes reach a point when we need that space for other purposes and need our golf bags neatly stored and our gear organized.  We have some fantastic solutions for you to consider.

First things first:  Determine your golf bag organizer needs

As you determine your storage wants and needs, you can ask yourself some simple questions to narrow down your product choices.

  • Are you storing yours alone, or multiple sets?
  • How much space do you have for storage?  What are the specific dimensions?
  • Are you storing golf bags with clubs only, or all your golf gear?
  • Do you need to be able to move your storage around?
  • What’s your budget?

Remember:  Some assembly required

The age old phrase that always seemed to scare people away, but in this case to be able to have a quality product for these purposes, some assembly will be required.  If you have any experience assembling anything from IKEA, you should do just fine.  None of these products require specialized tools, just maybe your basic tools, ability to read instructions, and a little bit of patience.  Just a friendly tip:  as you are assembling your golf bag storage rack, don’t tighten your screws the first go around.  Tighten them enough to hold the rack together, then once your rack is fully assembled, then tighten the screws completely.  This will prevent frustration if you have something wrong and your need to disassemble a couple of pieces.

Our Favorites

Milliard Golf Bag Storage Rack (Our Overall Winner)

  • Holds two full-size golf bags w/ clubs
  • 3 open shelves
  • 1 closed shelf
  • Anti-rust carbon steel
  • Adjustable Feet

This would be our overall pick for your golf bag storage needs.  It ticks the most boxes for general usage.  It holds two standard or large golf bags, and there is a security bar at the bottom to prevent the bags from tipping forward.  This organizer provides three open shelves that give you the option to store shoes, boxes of balls, hats, gloves and whatever else you need.  The bonus, which is an extra nice feature, is the closed shelf which makes it easy to throw in loose balls or tees.  

The structure is made of durable anti-rust carbon steel and comes with detailed instructions for easy assembly.  The dimensions are 36” x 16” x 37”.  The adjustable feet allow for you to make your shelf level in the area in which you are putting your golf bag rack.  This is the most aesthetically appealing golf club rack on our list. 

Morvat Golf Bag Storage Rack

  • Holds two golf bags w/ clubs
  • 4 open shelves
  • Durable Metal

The Morvat and Millard are similar in looks, dimensions, and storage capacity.  However, these are very different golf bag racks.  This golf bag organizer holds two fully loaded golf bags, there is not a bar at the bottom to secure the bags from falling.  It does, however, have four open shelves for shoes, boxes, etc.  You could use a plastic container or bucket of sorts at the top to hold any loose items.  

The structure is a durable metal.  The dimensions are 38” x 16” x 36”, very similar to the Millard above, but does give a couple of extra inches on the width.  There are no feet on this rack to speak of, so leveling will have to come with your own creativity.  Personally, it just has a cheap look.

Monkey Bars Golf Bag Storage Rack (Best Space Saver)

  • Holds 4-6 golf bags w/ clubs
  • Mounts on wall
  • Powder coated steel
  • Four 4” single hooks; 2 “J” swivel hooks

Here we have the best space saver for your golf bag storage.  This product simply mounts to the wall and you hang up your bag.  If space is limited but you still need a storage solution, this is a great option.  The hooks snap into place and easily slide across the bar for your specific needs, giving you versatility.  The hooks are rubber coated, which is gentle on your golf bag.

The mounting hardware is included, and the brackets are compact.  Wood screws are included as it is recommended that you mount directly into studs.  Using a stud finder like this one (link), eliminates the guessing game of where your studs are from start to finish and will give your rack the stability it needs to hold all of your golf bags.  When completed correctly this golf bag storage rack will hold up to 200 lbs.

SafeRacks Golf Bag Storage Rack (Our runner-up)

  • Holds 2 golf bags (no matter the size)
  • 3 open shelves (4 if you include the base)
  • 5 accessory hooks
  • 3” castor wheels (2 locking)

Hello to the behemoth of a golf bag storage rack!  This is the largest rack on this list and has some unique features from the others.  Similarities is that it holds two golf bags, large or small you’ll be able to fit your bag on this rack.  It has 3 open storage racks, 4 if you count the base where the bottom where the bags sit.

The biggest difference with this golf bag organizing rack is that it has four 3” castor wheels, two of which lock.  This is a great benefit if you have a large space and you might intend to move your storage rack around your space.  The dimensions of this rack are 43” x 40” x 18”.  

Final Thoughts

First and foremost, your space will be the most important factor in narrowing down which golf bag storage rack is best for you.  From there you will determine personal preference of options.  No matter which product is best for you and your space, it’s a win when our golf equipment is properly stored and organized.

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