Best Golf Tees

Best Golf Tees

When you strike a golf ball resting on turf, it can be extremely challenging leaving no room for error. A golf ball resting on a golf tee makes life less complicated and more comfortable to hit. Most people believe that all golf tees are the same, but these nifty little pieces of equipment are creatively engineered while being more critical than you may think.

Why Golf Tees?

A golf tee allows you to cheat legitimately, to an extent, because it can give you an advantage. Over 2 billion golf tees are used in the United States every golfing season. The best tees will help ensure you gain distance as well as get lower scores.

However, knowing that golf tees can improve your game is not enough. You must choose the best golf tee, which can be challenging because they all look the same. Do not worry, though. After reading the following information, you will be able to choose the best golf tees for your unique situation.

Best Golf Tees Available

Champkey Big Cup Golf Tees


  • Multicolored including white, red, green, yellow, and blue
  • Made from a proprietary polymer resin blend
  • Can tilt the ball towards the hole up to 20%
  • Two head layer design
  • Measures 3¼ inches
  • Comes in 30 or 50 pieces
  • Oversize head helps to decrease friction

These tees are an excellent choice for achieving consistent golf shots. This tee also helps you deliver longer and straighter shots when compared to wood golf tees. The tee sits 2” above ground if you insert it to the stop, which allows for a consistent golf shot due to this unique step design.

It has been noted that these tees help reduce friction due to the oversized head. The side spin allows for optimal accuracy as well as distance. It also helps protect your club faces.

What Others are saying

Many users praised how strong and durable the Champkey tees are. However, it should be noted that a few users commented that the tees frequently broke when using an iron. These same users also stated that the tees easily broke when trying to insert them into the ground.

Brush T Pack of 3 Golf Tees


  • Only available in a bright orange color
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Tee measures 2.4 inches
  • Bristles measure one inch
  • Conforms to R & A and USGA rulings
  • Comes in protective case

If you or the golfer you know suffers from shaky or unsteady hands, this tee may be an excellent choice as well as one of the best golf tees. The bristles allow the individual to simply place the ball, unlike other tees where some balancing is required.

This tee provides a consistent height, allowing you to get maximum launch angle and distance. The protective case allows the tee to be used repeatedly round after round.

What others are saying

A favorite characteristic of this tee is the durability. However, a few reviewers suggested the post was too thick, making it difficult to push into hard ground. The only other negative mentioned about this tee deals with how low it sits. Some users believe the brush tee is too low for the average golfer using a driver.

Wedge Guys PGA Approved Professional Bamboo Golf Tees


  • Made from durable bamboo
  • Natural wood color with lacquer finish
  • Biodegradable if lost on golf course
  • 2¾ inches
  • Conform to USGA rules and regulations

These tees are engineered with strength and durability. The manufacturer suggests that the tensile strength of these tees rivals steel it has been noted that one could make one tee last for all eighteen holes.

What others are saying

Golfers are saying they appreciated how easy it is to place the ball. A few users complained that these tees broke when trying to put them in the ground. It is unclear whether the ground was too hard or the tee too weak.

Martini Golf Durable Plastic Tees


  • Available in a wide array of colors, including red, blue, orange, yellow, and white
  • Proprietary polymer resin blend
  • Comes in a pack of five
  • 3¼ inches

This tee is designed to last for multiple rounds of golf without issue. These tees are to help improve your game with longer and straighter drive shots when compared to wooden tees. It is easy to place the golf ball on the tee without falling off.

What others are saying

It should be noted when looking at the reviews for this product there was not one rating below two stars. With over 2,824 ratings, this fact is truly amazing. Many of the reviewers verify that these tees are almost unbreakable. However, the only complaint from a few users was the package only had five tees. At the same time, many of the other users said you did not need any more than five because they were durable.

Zero Friction Victory 5-Prong Golf Tees


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Biocomposite and recycled materials
  • Five prong design
  • 2¾ inches tall

Zero Friction tees incorporated a unique five-prong design which helps reduce the contact area of the tee. This reduction results in a straighter as well as longer drive, therefore aids in increasing yardage. Durability is another key factor in these tees. Because of the bright, vibrant colors, it makes them easy to find.

What others are saying

A common response was an increase in long drives. The average increase seems to be between five and eight yards. However, it should be noted that according to some users, the bend quality of these tees made it difficult to push them into the ground.

Green Keepers 4 Yards More Golf Tee


  • Only available in a light blue color
  • Four tees in one package
  • 3¼ inches
  • 6-prong tip

When first looking at these tees, you may not realize they are golf tees. The top of the tee has six flexible prongs to help reduce resistance, reduction in spin, an allows for better contact. These durable tees are to last over 100 drives!

What others are saying

Many users state they use only one tee for an entire five-month golf season. These tees are also recommended because they stay in the ground, eliminating the need to hunt for missing tee. The most common con for these tees is that it is tough to push them into the hard rock ground.

Pride Professional Tee System


  • Made from natural hardwood
  • Comes in a variety of lengths
  • Color-coded system for easy identification of club

For example, the orange tee is an excellent choice for irons, hybrids, and low profile woods, while the green tee works the best for drivers over 400 cc. The main concerns about these tees are durability and a lack of color on some of the tees.

What others are saying

According to users of Pride Professional Tees, the color-coded system is an excellent resource for new and experienced golfers. The color of the tee makes it easy to identify which tee works best with a particular club.

Final Thoughts

Some golfers frequently ignore the need to select the right golf tee to utilize the advantage associated with the most suitable tee. Some golfers purchase their favorite brand of tees without investigating.

However, we suggest looking at the golf tee’s various aspects and then choosing the one that will provide the most significant advantage. If you select one of the above tees, you are sure to choose one of the best. Once you have that perfect golf tee, enjoy an excellent round of golf.

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